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I am a socially involved, enthusiastic, curious and open-minded person. During my bachelor Industrial Design I found myself being interested most in the user perspective of designing and think it is very valuable to take the user with me throughout  the whole design process.

As a designer I am very interested in the social and human aspects of design and I think it is very important to be aware and to take care of the world around us. I want my designs to be meaningful and valuable for both users and society. I feel a strong need to make designs that solve a problem and that really can make a difference for my user and make the world a little bit better. As designer I try to find a balance between solving the problem through the use of technology and solving the problem by involving the user and by creating awareness.

I also really like the technology side of design; the value technology can bring in terms of a pleasurable user experience but use technology as a means and not an end. As designer being able to understand and use technology offers opportunities to within a design process start prototyping in an early stage and validate designs and concepts in context with real users. It also offers me the ability to easily identify new design opportunities in terms of technology driven design and the ability to easily put a conceptual idea into a concrete realizable prototype or product using the technologies available.

During my master Human Technology Interaction I further developed myself. The focus here was on performing proper scientific research, and learning to identify how technology should be used to maximize the utility for the end-user. It really broadened my horizon and made me aware of both the abilities and limitations of our human function and to leverage this knowledge in order to come up with ‘clever’ designs that fit.

The combination of having a more creative and design oriented bachelor of science in Industrial design and a more scientific and theory oriented master of science in Human Technology Interaction result me in being able to critically analyze given problems, and come up with creative solutions that are firmly grounded in scientific research.