KTH Royal Institute of Technology



2 months

Project team


Project focus
  • UI-Design
  • Web development
    • HTML
    • CSS
  • Design
  • MVC Framework

What do you know about your browsing behavior?

iBrowse is a Chrome Plugin that simplifies and enhances searching Chrome’s browsing history. Are you also annoyed by endless scrolling through Chrome’s history when trying to find that video you saw some time ago? Then try iBrowse. Your browsing behavior is visualized as a calendar heat-map, showing on which days you visit what websites. After entering a search term, the days or hours containing that term are highlighted and can be selected to view the found items. You can then refine your search afterwards. Overall this will increase the speed of your search process. The application also shows you interesting statistics about how, when and how often you browse the web. Try finding your own patterns and enjoy exploring your history.

Created in collaboration with Henri Schröter and Ivo van Bon.

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